We help businesses create awareness for their expertise and offerings with social media programs that accelerate recognition, relationships, and revenue.

Social media is impacting the way companies interact with current and potential clients.

Companies Reporting Business Benefit from Social Media

Fortune 500 Companies Using Twitter

Percentage of Online Adults Using Social Networks

Companies That Do Not Have Dedicated Social Media Support

If you want to catch the big fish, you need to fish the right way. Our social media programs will ensure you are using the right techniques, right content and right tools to take advantage of online opportunities.

ComplexDiscovery Solutions delivers fully managed social communication programs that help companies increase recognition, relationships, and revenue.

Our approach can help expand and enhance the online relationships of your company and its experts in an understandable, trackable and affordable manner.  

Following our proven four-step approach, we work with you to:

  • Determine Conduits and Communicators

  • Define and Design Messaging Approach

  • Develop and Deploy Messaging Assets

  • Report and Refine Messaging Campaigns

And yes, the fish are biting. Get them to bite for you today with ComplexDiscovery Solutions.

We can immediately impact your business with our offerings, approach, and experience.

Our Offerings

We offer three customizable social media programs that are designed to meet your needs, goals, and challenges.

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Our Approach

Our social media programs are defined, developed and deployed around a proven and repeatable four-step approach.

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Website Anonymous Visitor Identification helps you identify anonymous website visitors and translate them into qualified leads.

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Increase your recognition, relationships, and revenue with us today.

Social Media Consulting from ComplexDiscovery Solutions